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Mother, Here's How to Overcome Leucorrhoea in Babies

When changing a baby's diaper, suddenly there is a whitish spot? This will certainly make Mother worry. But, don't panic, Bun! Come on, find out about the causes and ways to overcome vaginal discharge in infants. Leucorrhoea in baby girls is a normal thing to happen. Leucorrhoea is caused by high levels of maternal hormones during pregnancy. Pregnancy hormones from the mother can penetrate the placenta and enter the baby's body, thereby triggering the release of white fluid or commonly called vaginal discharge. Leucorrhoea that comes out of the baby's vagina can be clear like egg white or there is little blood. Sometimes this vaginal discharge is also accompanied by a swollen vagina in infants. How to Overcome Leucorrhoea in Babies Basically, vaginal discharge in infants will usually disappear by itself after he is 10 days old and does not require special care. If you see vaginal discharge in your baby's vagina, you just need to wipe it off using a wet tissue
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Some Causes of Itchy Lips, This is the Solution

Itchy lips often confuse and interfere with comfort in your activities. So as not to drag on, let's see what causes lip itching and how to overcome them. Although it doesn't always indicate a serious health disorder, complaints of itchy lips can interfere with your comfort. Well, itching on your lips you need to overcome in accordance with the cause. It is intended that the treatment of itchy lips that you do can be effective. Causes of Itchy Lips and the Solution The following are some conditions that can cause itchy lips, along with how to overcome them: 1. Dry lips One of the causes of itchy lips is the condition of dry lips. This can be triggered by the habit of licking lips and breathing through the mouth. Dry lips can also be a sign that you are lacking fluids. How to deal with itchy lips because of this condition is of course to keep the lips from drying out, for example by applying lip balm or petroleum jelly to the lips to moisturize it. In addition, avoid smo

Various Benefits of Blood Donors for Health

For patients with certain health conditions, blood donation can help save their lives. However, actually not only for the recipient. There are various benefits of blood donors that can support the health of the body for donors. In blood donors, about 480 ml of blood will be taken from the body. After being examined and tested for safety, the blood will then be given to patients in need. Conditions that are in dire need of blood donation include accidents, organ transplants, or having diseases such as cancer, anemia, sickle cell disease, and hemophilia. Even so, blood donation is not only beneficial for patients or blood recipients, the donor or blood donor also gets the blood donor benefit. Understand the Benefits of Blood Donors Here are some of the benefits of blood donation that can be felt if you donate blood: Maintaining heart health and blood circulation The first benefit of blood donation is believed to help smooth blood flow to prevent clogged arteries. Research sho